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What to Expect with our Services


When you start services with us, you will have certain expectations.  Below is a summary of what we do and how it works:


We have cool season grasses.  The majority of the energy in the spring and summer goes to the blade, we mow more.  In the fall the energy goes to the root, the plant expands and develops over winter.  It thickens itself up through the following May.  This is why we ask for one year of service,  give us a chance to develop the turf plant. 


In the early spring, the pre emergent  is for crabgrass and  other annual grasses.  It is not a weed control for dandelions, violets, clover and other broad leaf weeds.  These are controlled post emergently, they have to show up for us to kill them. We typically cannot treat these until mid to late April and will get with the 2nd Treatment.  A quality weed control will help control many of the weeds in the fall that otherwise will appear in the spring.  If you didn’t have a good fall treatment, expect some weeds. They are controllable, but its biology and Mother Nature. 


We don’t seed in the spring.  If you seed in the spring, you can’t control weeds and crabgrass.  If the turf comes up, the energy goes to the blade leaving a juvenile root system going into summer.  We have cool season grasses.  They don’t like summer.  They like spring and fall.  They can get Pythium disease and die, young turf will be out-competed by broadleaf weeds, the root system will struggle to support the plant.  Just doesn’t work.  Build the plant and control the weeds and then evaluate in the early fall/late summer.


Mow high, the highest setting in the summer. 

Water as needed.  Too much is not a lot better than not enough.  I have a large lawn. I mow high and irregularly in the summer.  I may miss 2-3 weeks of mowing.  I water each spot for a couple hours once a week or so.  It recovers and looks good.  You will have to play around with yours .  If you see footprints in it in the summer, it needs water. 


We work on building the turf plant and the soil.  There are not quick fixes.  You will see improvement after the 1st treatment but it will take a year to whip it into shape,  it has to go through an entire growing cycle. 


We are a continual service business.  This is standard in our industry.  It allows us to continue to work on the lawn in a systematic approach to develop the lawn.  We do send out letters or emails in the winter with prepay opportunities and an outline of what is scheduled.  To change anything an email works best.  Then there is a record of it.  A phone call works 2nd best. 


Payment-we take checks, you can sign up for auto-pay, you can pay online through our website or call the office typically 9-2 to pay over the phone.  The first two are the best options. 

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