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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


Our staff consists of experienced licensed technicians. TLC's staff attends seminars and training throughout the year to keep up with the latest technology and methods of providing you with TLC's standards.  


Our Mission

We are set out to provide a safer, healthier lawn with our responsive staff who are courteous and professional. We try our best to keep our certified technicians in their designated areas to provide consistency in service and to keep track of lawn progression and customer happiness.


Terry Jungels

Co-Owner and Founder

Terry is an Agronomist from Purdue Univeristy (M.S. 1987) and is responsible for the fertility programs and services of TLC.  Prior to founding TLC, Terry worked in the Golf Course Industry in both the Construction and Maintenance sides.  Terry spends half his time in the office and half on the lawns.  Terry is on the Board of Directors for the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation (MRTF), was Outstanding Graduate Student at the North Central Extension Soil Fertility Workshop, and has spoken at various Turfgrass seminars regarding a variety of issues in the industry.  He has also been on various local news programs and newspaper articles.

Mark Cavin

Co-Owner and Founder

Mark has been involved in the Lawn Care Industry for over 30 years and is primarily responsible for the implementation of TLC's lawn programs and coordinating the services of TLC.   Mark has represented the Lawn Care Industry in publications and videos over the years.  Mark spends most of his time in the field reviewing our results and meeting with clients to obtain optimal results. 

Office Management

John Luken

Sales Manager and Service Coordinator

John has been in the industry for 30+ years. He is also the former owner of Par 5 Lawn Care.

Lisa C.

Office Manager

Lisa handles account management, payables, and account activation.

Clara C.
Office Manager
Claire helps Lisa to keep current on all of our customer programs. Claire also is involved with the Pacers and Fever's organizations. 


Henry Stout

Senior Southside Route Manager

Henry's been in the lawn care industry for over 30 years. He has been with TLC since 1995.

Joe Kennedy

North and Northeast City Manager

Joe is a U.S. Army veteran and has been in the lawn care industry for over 25 years. He has been with TLC since 1999.

Mike Wagoner

Eastside Indianapolis/Hancock County

Mike has been with the lawn care industry for 20 plus years and joined TLC in 2005.


Aaron Cavin

Carmel/Westfield Route Manager

Aaron has been with TLC since 2008 working part time while he attended IUPUI. After graduation he joined TLC full-time.


David Henning

Westside Indianapolis/Hendricks County

Dave joined TLC in 2010 and has been our westside route manager since 2012.

Joe Ardelean

Lawn Care Specialist

Joe joined us in 2019 as a licensed lawn care specialist and supports our route managers

Thomas Jungels

Northwest Indianapolis/Suburban Route Manager

Thomas is a U.S. Navy veteran. Thomas became a route manager in 2014.

Sam Woodruff
Fishers and Noblesville Route Manager
Sam has been with TLC's team since 2014. He serves as Total Lawn Care's warehouse manager as well as Northeast Indianapolis' route manager.

Patrick Bolner

Pest Control Manager

Pat has been in the industry for 35+ years and helps with all aspects of our operation.

Chris Owen

Lawn Care Specialist

A Chicago Native, Chris joined TLC and became a lawn care specialist in 2018.

Ben Ardelean

Lawn Renovation Crew Leader / Specialist

Ben Joined TLC in 2019. He leads our seeding and lawn renovation crew during the Fall. He also is a licensed lawn care specialist and supports our route managers throughout the year with their customers.

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