Lawn Care Program

Customized Programs For Your Lawn Care Needs!

Our program is based on a 6 treatment program.

Our lawn care program consists of 5 organic-based fertility treatments and 1 Biological Soil Stimulant (BSS) treatment. Our BSS can be applied at anytime throughout the year and in combination with any of our fertilization treatments. Our treatments are based around a 6-8 week schedule so we can help provide a healthy lawn.


Our program consists of:

2 pre emergent crabgrass controls

1 Biological Soil Stimulant (BSS)


Custom formulated weed control programs


Bio Nutrient, probiotic fertilizers to feed the soil and the turf plant


Increased resistance of disease, weeds and drought tolerance


Clean up: We blow off your walks and patios after each treatment

Benefits of a full and healthy lawn

  • A turf area of 50x50 produces enough oxygen for a family of 4.

  • Lawns are 3 times more effective in producing oxygen than trees, turf's oxygen producing season is longer as well!

  • Turf helps "clean" soil contaminants as well as control soil erosion.

  • Per acre, grasses remove about 6 tons of CO2 per year.

We are creating a sustainable environment for our lawns. We are using more biology and less chemistry to create a safer, healthier lawn and environment. By feeding the soil as well as the turf we are able to reduce our nitrates and pesticides creating a greener, healthier environment. TLC has implemented IPM (integrated pest management).