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Built On Customer Service

Total Lawn Care, Inc. was established in 1989 with a vision of putting the agronomics of the lawn and the needs of the customer first. TLC is committed to providing quality service and anticipates through this commitment the business will continue to grow and establish long term relationships with our customers.



When choosing a lawn care company, don't forget to compare yearly costs. 


Our program consists of 5 organic based lawn fertility treatments and 1 Biological Soil Supplement (BSS) through the growing season.  We base this number of applications on a variety of factors.  Although this treatment package seems to work on a majority of our customers we are willing to customize a program for  specific lawn types that may need a little more of a hands on approach. Brand new homes built on Indiana clay soils may need an extra application during the growing season to build up the available nutrients in these lawns.


We can accomplish in 6 what others do in 7 or 8.  We can do this because we combine our weed controls with our fertilization saving extra visits.  Of course we offer free service calls with our full program.    We use a combination of  bio products such as HOLGANIX, BIOGREEN and granular eco friendly Bio fertilizers.

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