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Total Lawn Care Terms of Agreement

After agreeing to and starting our service based on your estimate given over the phone, email, or an in person verbal agreement these terms and conditions are accepted by both TLC and the now current customer.

We request you provide us one year to service your lawn for best results. Over the course of the year, we will build up your soil with our organic based products and combat weeds in their cycle of germination. For optimal results we recommend customers mow at 3.5 to 4 inches of grass height and water your lawn in our drier months at a minimum of 1 time per 10 days per location. Our additional services are not required for every lawn but are recommended for different turf requirements based on various property conditions to achieve premium aesthetic appeal.


Free Service Call Policy: We will provide free service calls for customers who take at least 5 fertility treatments. These treatments are spaced out throughout the year to attack different cycles of weeds. We will revisit the customer’s lawn upon customer request after 14 days have passed since last treatment due to the effect of herbicide over application on the turf. Weeds start to curl at 10-14 days and start to die. They need to be mowed a few times to remove dead tissue. After 30 days a new weed cycle may have occurred, and customer is due for another standard fertility and weed control application.


TLC’s standard program of 6 applications does not provide a grub control. If grub damage occurs, TLC is not liable if customer did not purchase this application.


If customer takes less than 5 treatments throughout the year, TLC will use administrative discretion to revisit a customer’s lawn.


Aeration and Seeding/Slice Seeding Agreement: After agreeing to our Aeration and Seeding or Slice Seeding Estimate, TLC will fulfill this request by performing services that are agreed upon. After service is completed, TLC will leave, and the success of the work will be in the customers hands. Required watering of new seed is crucial for the seeding process. After services are completed, TLC is not required to revisit lawn for free touch ups.


CONTINUOUS SERVICE: To optimize the effectiveness of the services provided, Customer’s plan shall continue from year to year without any action on Customer’s part. This includes any services purchased initially or added at a later time. Remember, Customer’s plan will continue unless Customer contacts TLC via EMAIL at Total Lawn Care reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to implement annual price increases due to inflation, cost of goods and services, or other economic factors.


Damages: By agreeing to our estimate our Customers remove all liability of damages by TLC at customers agreed upon property.


Refunds and Handling Fees: If a customer requests a prepay refund there is a $50 handling fee for this transaction to be refunded.

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