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What is Nutsedge and how can we control it?

Nutsedge is a sedge plant, It is not a grass or a broadleaf weed. For best control we recommend treating this twice, with a specialty herbicide. In large areas we do not recommend pulling by hand. The tubers can be 8-14 inches deep and when the plants are pulled from the soil these are often left behind and can produce more nutsedge plants in the future.

Please contact our office or log into your account through our website to order this service for your lawn. We can treat the entire lawn or break it up to front and sides or backyard only. Spot spraying individual areas is not an effective practice as some areas may be missed. These products begin to work within one hour and rain will not effect these treatments.  The charge is similar to your regular lawn care application price, should you do your entire lawn. Plan on doing this for 2-3 years as the tubers are viable for this length of time.

Cultural Control

Mowing high can help your desirable turf outcompete the sedges. Yellow Nutsedge plants are most commonly seen in wet, poorly drained soils even though lately we have been seeing them almost everywhere. 

D.I.Y. Instructions

Ortho has a product for Nutsedge which can be found at many local hardware/nursery stores

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