Supplemental  Services

As a premium lawn care provider we understand that every lawn is not the same. We offer these specialty applications for homeowners with different turf needs:

Fungicide Application
Nutsedge Control
Organic Boost
Flea & Tick Control

Fungicide Application: Specific lawn types are very susceptible to fungus problems during our hot and humid months. An indicator of dollar spot, our most common fungus problem, is brown spots covered in a cotton like web called mycelium. 

These treatments will clear up your problem for around 4 weeks. It is not uncommon for homeowners to need 2 applications to get through our summer months.

Nutsedge Control: Yellow nutsedge is a common occurrence in our lawns and this problem usually pokes its head mid-May when we are getting substantial rainfall. This plant grows faster than the turf and is easily recognized by its fast growth, triangular stalk and white bulb base.  The sedge plants takes a special chemistry that is different than our broadleaf weed control to knock down and kill. Pulling these individually will only worsen the problem by multiplying in your lawn.  

Organic Boost: This application improves organic matter in your lawn by adding a variety of nutrients to your soil. This is recommended for homeowners who live in newly established neighborhoods where the soil is lacking. We use a product combining Holganix and  Healthy Grow

Flea & Tick Control: Have unwanted pests in your lawn? Give us a call and we'll make sure your lawn is safe for your furry friends!  3 applications per year will help keep these pests under control and your lawn safer for you and your pets. 

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