Indianapolis Lawn Care


Well this has been an unusual year. Snow until April, coolest July in recent history, wet...

Weeds! Boy have we seen them this year. All the moisture and cooler weather has allowed many weeds to germinate this summer. We control most broadleaf weeds (clover, dandelions etc) post emergently. They have to be present for us to kill them. This year they just keep germinating. Lets make sure you get a good weed control this fall. The turf has also continued to grow this year. This is the first year I can remember mowing my grass every week.

The turf is using up a lot of its energy this year growing. We feed the turf in the fall when it can store carbohydrates and use that energy in the following spring and summer to grow. The physiology of the turf plant is that it sends its energy to the blade in the spring (when we mow often) and uses up its stored energy. As it depletes its energy we replenish it with fertilizers and then the fertility in the fall helps it store this energy in its root system as it begins to send its energy to its roots. That is why we like to aerate in the fall as well, it is now building its root system. What we do in the fall helps the turf next spring. We play catch up in the spring when we don't do the fall fertility and studies show you never catch up with root development when you don't do the right fall fertilization. With the turf using up so much energy through the summer we are looking to add an additional fall fertilization to many of the lawns. Many of you have signed up for this, if you haven't and would like to , please call our office.

We are seeing some light disease pressure around. It is mostly dollar spot which we can get the turf to grow out of . We have not seen as many of the patch diseases though, which is good. We have cool season grasses and although it has not been as hot this summer as most, the turf still does not like humidity and high temps.

Its hard to believe Labor Day is upon us. Quick year. The turf will begin to rejuvenate itself as we get into fall. Keep mowing high, aerate if possible for root development and use good fertility practices this fall. These things will help provide you a healthy, safe lawn not only this fall but in the coming year.

The guys at TLC