Indianapolis Lawn Care


Well summer is here! We have cool season grasses here in Indianapolis and they begin to show heat stress about now. When we have a healthy turf though they recover well. The lawns can go dormant but they still need some water to survive. Generally one good, long watering once every 8-10 days is good. The plant is still respiring and needs the moisture for that. If you want to keep your lawn green, plan on watering at least every other day for 30 minutes per location.

Mowing should not be done in the heat of the day. Let the turf go if you would like. There are times in the summer where I may not mow my grass for 3 weeks. Do not feel like since it is Saturday you have to go mow the lawn. We mow a bit more in the spring and fall when we have cool weather and less in the summer. Mow as high as possible. You can't mow too high. The longer the blade, the deeper the root system. Mowing shorter than 3 inches will encourage weed invasion and disease.

Biology vs Chemistry. As many of you are aware, we are trying to go to a more biological approach to treating our lawns. We are reducing the nitrates and pesticides substantially. By using biology we are also helping develop a sustainable lawn. One of our prerequisites for this to happen is good organic matter in the soil profile. In many of the new home developments, there is very little organic matter to work with. We are working with our partners to develop a organic matter material we can supplement the lawns with. We feel this is the way of the future in lawn care and it is better for everyone involved as well as the lawns. Last year alone we reduced our nitrates by over 200 tons. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this!

The guys at TLC