Indianapolis Lawn Care


It is mid April and everything is starting to green up. I am even thinking about firing up the lawn mower. I always enjoy the first few mowings and the last few as well. We still have plenty of time to get down the crabgrass pre-emergents. In the past we normally would get out in March and put down our first treatment. This treatment would consist primarily of our organic material, a little fertility and a pre emergent for crabgrass control. This year since it was so wet and cold in March with our first treatment we are able to also put down a broadleaf weed control. This is sort of unusual. I was talking with a concrete contractor and he mentioned that there was still frost in the ground so our soil temperatures are still low and I would imagine we have until early May to get down the pre-emergents. I am hearing snow in the forecast as well in mid April.

We have seen a lot of heaving of grass around trees this spring. When we have a winter like we did, the ground freezes and thaws repeatedly and that process pushes the turf plants up out of the ground. This is called heaving. We do inject the pre-emergents in our treatments to areas that need to be treated and areas that are bare or might need seeding we can avoid so that some spot seeding can be done. We generally like to do our seedings in the fall but there are times where there is little option as to seeding in the spring.

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The guys at TLC